Rainbows are beautiful and so are we…

At Sarah Graham Solutions we understand the importance of honouring our personal truth feeling safe to be and express who we really are; and the creativity and strength that comes from our Diversity. Nature isn’t just black and white.
Rainbows are beautiful and so are we.

Like many people who grow up feeling different and “wrong”, Sarah drank and used substances, behaviors and people to “fix” the shame she felt for not fitting in one of the little boxes. [ Read Independent Article ]

Coming Out at 17 and becoming an activist, Sarah Graham has a long history of campaigning and speaking up for the equal Human Rights of all LGBTQQi people.

She was even arrested, in 1992, for lying in the middle of the Charing Cross Road, under a Gay Law Reform Now! Banner with Derek Jarman, Jimmy Sommerville, Peter Tatchell and a lot of other brave campaigners.

We think it’s shocking that in the 21st Century young LGBTQQi people are still being bullied and abused at school and that these vulnerable teens are far more likely to self-harm, abuse drink and drugs and commit suicide.

  • 1 in 10 of the general population have an addiction issue.
  • As many as 1 in 3 gay people do.

We believe that fear underlies most prejudice and that much more needs to be done to make sure that all our young people can grow up feeling safe and empowered to be who they are.

Sarah Graham Solutions delivers training and education in schools and the workplace to increase understanding of the importance of Diversity and how to meet the needs of LGBTQQi people.

She trained with one of USA’s leading gay therapists, Joe Amico, in working with the LGBTQQi community and has been asked to speak at UKESAD (2010) about this work.

In 2009, Sarah was called to give evidence to the British Government’s Home Affairs Select Committee on the cocaine trade [view here] Where she spoke about drugs’ culture and the specific treatment needs of those taking “party drugs”.

Sarah gave a presentation to  [UKESAD]  2010 on working with our community; and relapse prevention issues.