No problems, only solutions…

That’s not to say that the work we do together at Sarah Graham Solutions is easy. It isn’t.

It can be very difficult to face up to the reality of how our lives are turning out and to realise we may be seriously hurting ourselves- in trying to “fix” the pain and feel better- not achieving our goals or using our unique gifts; and that it we don’t try something new the future looks bleak.

Changing long established behaviours, thought patterns and connecting with feelings we don’t like is not easy and talk therapy works best when the client feels safe to trust, risk and share.

Unlike some kinds of therapy where the counsellor “just listens”, we work actively using a unique Sarah Graham Solutions model that integrates tools from many different theoretical approaches including 12 Steps, person-centred, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), MI (Motivational Interviewing), holistic, psychodynamic, coaching and cutting edge scientific knowledge to achieve the most successful outcomes.

Counselling at Sarah Graham Solutions is a two-way, dynamic process.

It may take place in a traditional seated face-to-face way in our Surrey based clinic, or our Harley Street office or at your place of work, on the phone out of hours or even via computer.

Expect to be listened to with sensitive empathy but also to be challenged, given assignments and recommended reading materials.

Most people who are stuck in a rut are kept there by fear of change, taking risks and the denial process. Left to your own devices denial can prove deadly.

We believe that with the right support, everyone can recover and lead healthy, happy, productive lives. People who others have given up on and who may have given up on themselves can start to makes incredible changes they never dreamed possible.

One size doesn’t fit all.

  • We will help you to set and achieve the goals you want to achieve
  • We will believe that you can do it, until you believe it too
  • We don’t believe in failure- there are only results. Results that we can learn from

There is hope.