Drugs Education

We may not like facing this reality but the truth is that every child in every school needs to know the facts about drugs.

There is no such thing as “nice” schools where kids won’t be exposed to drugs and peer group pressure to experiment.

Sarah Graham Solutions is able to educate children and teenagers about all of the drugs they may hear about and be exposed to acid, alcohol, amphetamines, cannabis (skunk), cigarettes, cocaine (powder and crack), crystal meth, ecstasy, GHB, heroin, ketamine, khat, magic mushrooms, methadone, opium, poppers, prescription pills, solvents and steroids.

We can communicate not just all the psychoactive and physical effects but also the potential health risks that a young person could be exposing themselves to; now and in the longer term future. For example, do you know that binge drinking teens are far more likely to develop alcohol dependency as an adult because their brains can be permanently damaged by exposure to alcohol whilst still growing?

What do your kids know already? And where did these “facts” come from?

As someone in recovery from life threatening drug addiction, Sarah speaks from the heart about what drugs can do to people and their families.

Sarah has an engaging way of interacting with young people. She never “lectures” but she gets the information across and is able to work with resistance.

We understand that “Just Say No” doesn’t work for all teenagers and that there are many reasons why some young people will experiment.

There are reasons why some people develop dependencies and others “grow out of” dabbling too. We can help schools recognise those most vulnerable children and give them support.

Sarah Graham Solutions works with small and large groups in all educational environments.

We are happy to help a school deliver mapped PSHE drug, alcohol and tobacco focussed workshops (a statutory requirement from 2011).

We experience considerable interest in this area of our work and we recommend booking your sessions in as soon as possible.

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