Recovery Solutions for Adults

Adults may have very entrenched negative patterns of behaviour and “damages” that seem impossible to heal.

Where there is an addiction issue, that started some years before, the roots may run down deep and the illness can have affected every part of a person’s life.

Family members can be very affected too by the things they have witnessed- the trauma that comes from being close to an addicted loved one. Relationships can be warped and unhealthy codependent patterns may be very difficult to break. Tough Love is tough to give and boundaries are sometimes tested to the limits.

No matter how bad things seem, we firmly believe that there are no “hopeless cases”.

We work with people who are abusing any kind of chemical substance- legal and illegal- food and all process addictions (gambling, sex, love, exercise, work, etc).

We believe that recovery is for everyone and families, partners, friends and colleagues may need to access support too.

We work in an holistic way drawing upon many models: including 12 Step, holistic, CBT, MI (motivational interviewing), person-centred, psychodynamic, creative and coaching; to create the best package possible for each client we see.

We understand that some people have tried to get into recovery and may have “failed” (sometimes many times).

For us there is no failure only results, which we will use to help you achieve the results you are after.

That’s not to say that working with us will be easy. There are no “magic pill” solutions. There is hope though and we will believe in you until you do too.