Recovery solutions for friends and family

Sarah Graham Solutions understanding of holistic treatment is inclusive of the whole family and those around the person who is in active addiction.

We know that for every one person who is trapped in the quicksand, there’s usually at least 7 other people around them, whose mental and physical health is being seriously affected too.

These people can be just as badly harmed and they aren’t having their feelings numbed by a chemical or “fixed” by a distracting behaviour.

Sarah Graham Solutions offers acupuncture (to destress, rebalance and reduce anxiety), counselling and educational support to family, friends and employers.

The actions and level of knowledge of those around the individual who is struggling, can either really help or harm the process of recovery.

Ultimately you are “powerless” over another’s actions but you don’t have to sink with them; or contribute to their self-harming.

We are firm believers in Tough Love and we can support you through setting boundaries and holding them in place.

We can advise on the best treatment options for your loved ones.

If someone you love is refusing to seek help, we can help you organise an effective *intervention- to create a “rock bottom” that will speed up the recovery process.

*Sarah has been trained by Ken Seeley and John Southworth – two of the best USA interventionists – and is a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists (AIS)